Three days…

Three days, three beautiful ladies. Having taken some time away from the day job, I had a few friends over for shooting for a couple of day, and got some fantastic images with them. Firstly my favourite “Biker Chick” came to stay for a few days to do a little more Boudoir & building up to implied nudity, and while here I got the lovely Porscha over to help with Hannah’s hair and makeup (And also get her in front of my lens again). Then Kez, a wonderful petite Raven-haired model & friend paid me a visit for some more lingerie and implied nudity as a Goth Queen.

Asian Bride

At the weekend I was lucky to have the change to do another shoot with the beautiful Reena, at a lovely little little Studio in the Black Country town of Wednesbury. We had three hours to shoot some film while the make-up artist did her magic and then two sets both with the hijab and without in plain western clothing.



Springtime shoot.

Had a lovely Springtime shoot at the weekend at a new location of Haden Hill House in the Blackcountry, which is hardly surprising as it was as part of the “Blackcounty Models & Photographers” group.

Of the 4 lovely models who were there I managed to shoot with three of them; and one of them more or less stayed in front of my lens the whole time; but then with gorgeous purple hair and stunning eyes and such a lovely smile is it any wonder. 20170319-DSC_010820170319-DSC_004920170319-DSC_9947


Black & White

I love Black and White portraits. It takes me back to the 80’s & 90’s when I shot only on Illford FP4 & HP5, and spent hours in a Darkroom processing images; and while some people hate back & white portraits and photographs as being “primitive” I disagree, they is an elegance & art to a good monochromatic image, you can’t hide mistakes behind the dynamic range of colour