Christmas Calamity.

One of the worst calamities that can befall a Photographer is a broken arm. 

That’s whats happened to me this week having tripped over while out walking my dog (the Dog is ok, as I missed him and fell on my arm), but it now means for the next few weeks I can not use my Camera, as every DSLR really is a two handed operation to photograph correctly. 

Please look at my other pages of Photographs while my blog page takes a rest for a few weeks. 


Published by

Chriton Seward

Just a Photographer, looking at life though a lens.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Calamity.”

  1. Oh gosh, what a rotten thing to happen. Could you get someone to set your camera up on a tripod for you? At least that way, you might be able to get *some* ‘togging done while you heal.

    Any idea how long you’re going to be indisposed for? Sending you lots of healing wishes. xx

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