More miles of canals than Venice.

More miles of canals than Venice.

Everyone who lives in Birmingham seems to be sick of the phrase “More miles of canals than Venice” as a description of this city; but how many people who live here have ever actually walked along them; I know not the answer.
But I love walking the towpaths at different times of the year and seeing the seasons change.


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Chriton Seward

Just a Photographer, looking at life though a lens.

4 thoughts on “More miles of canals than Venice.”

  1. Lovely image – looks very peaceful there. And so gloriously green too.

    Technically there are no canals in Venexia at all!

    **il gasp!**

    Way back when, someone who didn’t understand Venetian mis-translated ‘canale’, and thought it meant ‘canals’ but it means ‘channels’. Il canalaso just means ‘big channel’ (in Venetian) but English-speaking people have adopted the Italian for it, ‘il canal grande’, and call it the grand canal… but it’s just a big channel from the laguna, not a canal at all. And really, not very grand either!

    So Brummies are absolutely right, there are more miles of canals in Birmingham than in Venice!

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