You don’t actually need any special equipment to do Macro photography, despite what some “experts” may say.
This image was taken with my kit 55-200mm lens at f5.6, & the depth of field is such that the near wing is blurred, but the far one is nice & sharp.


Published by

Chriton Seward

Just a Photographer, looking at life though a lens.

2 thoughts on “Macro”

  1. Wonderful shot. Very true wide-angle lenses focus very close and telephotos can get you close to a subject. With the tele, working distance is not an issue as it is with the wide angle, but you cannot get as close physically to the subject as you would with a wide angle or macro lens which you would need to do for the detail on smaller objects. Technically Macro is when the subject is the size of your sensor !:1. Most people do not get that close even with a macro lens, that they crop. For close up photography, some of the kit lenses like the Nikon 18-55 are superb. also reversing prime lenses gets you very close.

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