Wedding Photography

This weekend I get to shoot my first ever wedding; sure I’ve taken photos at a wedding before, but then who hasn’t? However this time I will be the official wedding photographer. I’m extremely nervous as I don’t want to mess up the images I take for my friend Catherine & her fiancee.

I have done all my homework; luckily I know the church well (I used to go there & my old school is next door, as is the Pub I drink at); so I know the best spots in the Graveyard, for something Interesting. 

I have a list of the essential shots off the Bride that she wants in her final Wedding Album; though my list is a little more comprehensive. And I’ve asked if I can attend the rehearsal the day before so I can talk with the Vicar so see if he has any idiosyncrasies of what he hates in Wedding Photographers (Some hate it when photographer stop the Bride & Groom as they walk down the aisle on their way out of the church).

I just hope i’ll be less nervous than the Bride on the day. 


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Chriton Seward

Just a Photographer, looking at life though a lens.

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