Photo Editing, and RAW vs Jpeg.

I’m a great believer that if you get your image right in camera, you don’t need to spend long processing it in Photoshop.


First of all, I didn’t shoot this in RAW. I’m a firm believer that if you get your settings right “in camera”, you don’t need RAW, you can simply use the high res jpeg setting.

To me RAW basically means, “oh well, if I screw up in camera, I can correct my errors in Photoshop/Lightroom”, and being a classically trained Film photographer, I knew if I screwed up my capture on the Negative, no amount of hard work in the darkroom could amend my mistakes, which is why I shy away from RAW and always try to get my settings perfect.

One weird point, I use Camera Raw in Photoshop CC to edit my Jpegs though. So, a simple edit, with adjustments to exposure, contrast; slight sharpening and noise reduction, with the addition of some soft vignetting, is all i did to enhance this image.


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Chriton Seward

Just a Photographer, looking at life though a lens.

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