Super-Zoom Lens.

I’ve brought myself new lens this week, a 16-300mm, f3.5, Tamron Super-Zoom lens. While I often use my two Nikkor kit lenses and my nifty fifty, I was thinking about a superzoom for my holiday to America later this year so I can carry less equipment. So today I went out to give it a test run.

I’ve not cropped the two images below, but have enhanced them just to see what kind of quality I can get with this new piece of glass. And I am very surprised at the results to be honest, having never used a Tamron lens before.

In the 16mm image on the left I have put a red box to show how far the zoom jumps up to it’s full 300mm focal length.



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Chriton Seward

Just a Photographer, looking at life though a lens.

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