I’ve been wanting to shoot with Tammy for several years, as we live in the same city and belong to a few of the same social media groups, but i finally had chance to shoot with her for a few hours last week, and it was fantastic, time flew by. Really loved the results i got. 20200131-DSC_289820200202-DSC_2891

Miss Luci

Having being invited to Greater Manchester to stoot with my friend Mistress Luci of “Stockport BDSM” I jumped on the train yesterday with a single prop for a shoot (a liggtsaber) and one costume. Luckily as a pro dominatrix she’s plenty of stuff herself so i could travel light.


What’s the collective noun for Dominatrices?

Last weekend I was invited to shoot at a fetish party up in Nottinghamshire, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t jump at the chance? So with camera bag and overnight case in tow, headed north for two days with 7 amazing Dominatrices (6 of whom I’ve shot with before) and the awesome Lady Valeska from Canada.

Needless to say I can’t wait for their next event in October.