Image of 2017.

After finding my best image of 2016, with that image of the Canal in Birmingham city centre; I am now Trying to find my best image of 2017. It’s amazing how much portrait photography I have done this year with some very beautiful ladies, and how little Public Transport and Landscape/Urban i’ve done this year. I’ve therefore selected the five images I like the best and if anyone would like to express an opinion, i’m all ears.

20170426-DSC_352820170612-Studio Session-156Hippodrome-DSC_628120170209-DSC_7180


I want to ride my bicycle…

I’ve had a lovely week shooting a Cycling campaign for work, in an effort to try and get more people out of their cars and onto two wheels. With several colleagues we descended on a local park to get a myriad of requested shots, and a Marketing Executive keeping me on my toes and ticking off all the various long shots and close ups she needs.




At the heart of the Second City of the UK is a fabulous canal system, once left to decay as an old an unsanitary open wound in the heart of the city, now a source of pride with bars, restaurants, and a myriad of meeting places; it’s not often I shoot down here, but maybe I need to change that.


What a difference a week makes.

Last week I was warm and comfortable photographing a beautiful lingerie clad lady, and this week I was out braving the elements shooting an Industrial heritage landscape at Bumble Hole in Dudley.

Not a great shot given the water on my lens as it just started to really chuck it down, but I love the moody sky.  DSC_2114_1