Got to spend time with my beautiful friend Maria this week (she’s from Transylvania, but don’t worry she’s not a Vampire); and we got some awesome pics.



During my free time lately I have been lurking around the University of Birmingham; with is mixture of Red Brick Victorian building to very modern 21st Century building, in-between you have the Brutalist 1960’s architecture of Muirhead Tower, a 16 story building standing like a sentinel over the campus.



At the heart of the Second City of the UK is a fabulous canal system, once left to decay as an old an unsanitary open wound in the heart of the city, now a source of pride with bars, restaurants, and a myriad of meeting places; it’s not often I shoot down here, but maybe I need to change that.



OK, I’m not one for photo-trickery (unless I can manipulate the image “in camera” like the photographic practitioners of old; but I attended a Cosplay Photo-shoot this week and one image I captured almost screamed out for the Photoshop treatment.

So with this image of Catwomen, I found a lovely image of Gotham City to add her too, once I had blanked out the background.

Fetish Photography

Sometimes the best images are not always the full body shot or standard portrait, but body parts when it comes to Fetish and Erotic photography. Using my love of selective colour to bring out the red of the gloves and the seams of her stockings, i’ve also relied heavily on the Luminance sliders in the Camera RAW filter in Photoshop CC to take out as much digital noise as possible.

1_DSC_3833I really like the finished image and think it will be one I’ll have to get a hard copy of for my Portfolio folder.