Adobe Lightroom 5

So now I have Lightroom 5 to play with, I’ve been doing just that; and as I’ve used Porscha’s images too much for my blog; I thought I’d use a image of lovely lady called Jazzmyn whom I was at college with. I must admit to falling in love with the “Clarity” slider in the develop screen. 

Jazz Spandex 6 3


Andy Warhol

Though i’m not the biggest fan of Andy Warhol’s work, he has in the past inspired me in my photographic work. I’ve also finally updated from Photoshop CS2 (which is now 9 years old) to Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5, so have been testing it out on some of the images from past projects. I’m quite happy with this finished result and posted it on Twitter to my friend Porscha who instantly clicked favourite. 


Wedding Photography

This weekend I get to shoot my first ever wedding; sure I’ve taken photos at a wedding before, but then who hasn’t? However this time I will be the official wedding photographer. I’m extremely nervous as I don’t want to mess up the images I take for my friend Catherine & her fiancee.

I have done all my homework; luckily I know the church well (I used to go there & my old school is next door, as is the Pub I drink at); so I know the best spots in the Graveyard, for something Interesting. 

I have a list of the essential shots off the Bride that she wants in her final Wedding Album; though my list is a little more comprehensive. And I’ve asked if I can attend the rehearsal the day before so I can talk with the Vicar so see if he has any idiosyncrasies of what he hates in Wedding Photographers (Some hate it when photographer stop the Bride & Groom as they walk down the aisle on their way out of the church).

I just hope i’ll be less nervous than the Bride on the day.