Satin, Latex, and Cake!

Had a very interesting weekend. Having being invited down to a gorgeous house in the Cotswolds for a fetish event.
This is now the second time i’ve shoot at “Sissy Manor” as the organiser is a friend & Dominatrix with whom i’ve done several shoots before and this was my second party event with her.

Also it’s fantastic to meet & shoot with other beautiful Dominatrices and speak to the men who attend these parties just to dressed up and bossed about.
And if anyone asks, no, I don’t dress up, I’m there to take pictures only, I don’t participate.


Once again I have been editing pictures of the lovely Porscha in between working on the public transport images I have been asked to produce for my employer.



R2-D2 and Harley Quinn

Shooting in Bristol again with my friends Catie and Hannah, but rather than do the usual adult images we’ve done in the past, we planned something more Geeky and Nerdy.

I’m still going though the +1000 images, but have these two early edits from last weekend.