More Doors,

Shooting more doors in Edinburgh (Where I could shoot so many Interesting doors, I could take a Lifetime), and another one of Birmingham’s great doors.

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Raven L’Amore part 2

I got to shoot with Raven again this week, I don’t usually do Multi-photographer studio shoots, but I so wanted to shoot with this beautiful lady again, I couldn’t help myself. So packing up my photography bag, I headed off to ArmKandi studio in Wednesfield for an awesome 1950’s Pin-Up shoot.

Raven didn’t disapoint with beautiful lingerie by What Katie Did, and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere in the studio (first time shooting there).


Raven L’Amore

Last year I meet an amazing lady on a group shoot who had never modeled before, and asked if maybe we could do a one on one shoot togeather. Well after a few false starts and chatting at my Wednesday photography club which we both go to, I finally got her in front of my lens this weekend.

Doing a little bit of early 50’s Cheesecake photos (I just love both the terminology and the style), with hair curls and a flash of stockings tops, and added my prop of Opera Gloves; all quite scandalous really!


Satin, Latex, and Cake!

Had a very interesting weekend. Having being invited down to a gorgeous house in the Cotswolds for a fetish event.
This is now the second time i’ve shoot at “Sissy Manor” as the organiser is a friend & Dominatrix with whom i’ve done several shoots before and this was my second party event with her.

Also it’s fantastic to meet & shoot with other beautiful Dominatrices and speak to the men who attend these parties just to dressed up and bossed about.
And if anyone asks, no, I don’t dress up, I’m there to take pictures only, I don’t participate.

The Bleeding Obvious

So last night I went to a gig. I’m not normally a person for going to gigs or concerts, but made a concerted effort to get to this one.

The Bleeding Obvious is a one woman performance from Yorkshire lass Jess, and her new album called “Rainbow Heart” is about coming out of the closet, and finding an identity.

Another reason I wanted to go to this gig, was that Jess gives very nice Hugs, and the very first time we ever meet Gin and Tonics were the order of the day.

If anyone is interested her website is and is a wonder of eclectic electric folk music.

Fetish Party


So last weekend I was asked up to Yorkshire to shoot a fetish party at a hired Manor house. With several very beautiful Dominatrices and Transvestites in attendance (some whom I’ve worked with before), i had a really fun day shooting several scenes with them all.

Luckily they’ve asked me to shoot their next event in December, so look out for those images.