Got to spend time with my beautiful friend Maria this week (she’s from Transylvania, but don’t worry she’s not a Vampire); and we got some awesome pics.



Goth shoot

Had a really fun time at the weekend shooting with a group of Goth Models wearing some beautiful outfits, & accessories. Would love to show them all, but I don’t want to bore you all.


Hazy Summer Days…



Asian Bride 2

Shooting with the beautiful Reena again at the weekend; this time to try a more Western style of make-up for a bridal look. I was a little annoyed with this shoot as the studio was booked from 12 until 3; but the make-up artist let us down and didn’t arrive until 2; leaving one hour for make up & shooting. The Make-up artist got annoyed with me for asking her to hurry up, so we only actually managed 5 minutes of shooting & just one look, rather than the two looks as per Reena’s original plan.


Three days…

Three days, three beautiful ladies. Having taken some time away from the day job, I had a few friends over for shooting for a couple of day, and got some fantastic images with them. Firstly my favourite “Biker Chick” came to stay for a few days to do a little more Boudoir & building up to implied nudity, and while here I got the lovely Porscha over to help with Hannah’s hair and makeup (And also get her in front of my lens again). Then Kez, a wonderful petite Raven-haired model & friend paid me a visit for some more lingerie and implied nudity as a Goth Queen.


Asian Bride

At the weekend I was lucky to have the change to do another shoot with the beautiful Reena, at a lovely little little Studio in the Black Country town of Wednesbury. We had three hours to shoot some film while the make-up artist did her magic and then two sets both with the hijab and without in plain western clothing.




Busy Week.

What a week… Sunday a 5 hour group shoot over in Wolverhampton with “Black Country Models and Photographers”, and then on Wednesday my photography club with some awesome friends. So here’s a selection of my favorite images.