Busy Week.

What a week… Sunday a 5 hour group shoot over in Wolverhampton with “Black Country Models and Photographers”, and then on Wednesday my photography club with some awesome friends. So here’s a selection of my favorite images.


Springtime shoot.

Had a lovely Springtime shoot at the weekend at a new location of Haden Hill House in the Blackcountry, which is hardly surprising as it was as part of the “Blackcounty Models & Photographers” group.

Of the 4 lovely models who were there I managed to shoot with three of them; and one of them more or less stayed in front of my lens the whole time; but then with gorgeous purple hair and stunning eyes and such a lovely smile is it any wonder. 20170319-DSC_010820170319-DSC_004920170319-DSC_9947


Black & White

I love Black and White portraits. It takes me back to the 80’s & 90’s when I shot only on Illford FP4 & HP5, and spent hours in a Darkroom processing images; and while some people hate back & white portraits and photographs as being “primitive” I disagree, they is an elegance & art to a good monochromatic image, you can’t hide mistakes behind the dynamic range of colour


So yesterday I had a bit of a journey; up at 7am on a Sunday morning to jump on a train from the Midlands all the way to Portsmouth to do a shoot at a fantastic Dungeon with three Dominatrices and one Slave. One of the Doms I’ve worked with many times before, but it’s always fun meeting new people and shooting content for their websites (especially when they are really photogenic). Then after four hours shooting jumping on the train back to Birmingham to start edit the images.