Lunar Photography

Moon Two

How easy is it to photograph the moon? The answer is not that easy at all. Most people tend to see the blackness of the night sky and this shining orb and get the settings on their camera wrong. From too wide an aperture to too slow a shutter speed. But with some simple advice you can take a good photograph of the moon with just a normal DSLR, with a 200mm lens.

Remember that the Moon is really really bright; so with camera setting on ISO:200 – f/8 – 1/500 of a second, you should have produced a rather good image once cropped down.


Street Portraits


One of the greatest things about living in the city, is the ability to do candid Street Portraits.
I have had one person today try to tell me what I was doing was Illegal, which is a false statement, as under UK law if you are on public land you can take a picture of anyone, including under 18’s. (BTW, the wonderful Porscha-Morgan above is over 18)
We Brits also have the right to photograph & document Police Constables going about their duties where as fellow practitioners in the US can face arrest for daring to photograph the police.

Editing & Photoshop

Editing & Photoshop

I admit it, every photography I’ve posted on this site has been adjusted though Photoshop.
In the opinion of most photographers this isn’t a bad thing, as with traditional photography the skill was not just in setting the camera controls, but in the developing the image in the darkroom; and this is no less important with digital cameras in the modern era, to bring out the best in any image you take.