Graveyards aren’t boring

Graveyards aren't boring

Today I had the honour of photographing a lovely friend of mine in the graveyard of a medieval church. It’s a graveyard i’ve photographed many times, but never with such a beautiful lady before.


Sunset in New York harbour.

Sunset in New York harbour.

I was reminded tonight of my trip to New York after an e-mail from friends whom I meet up with in that great city last October.

As i’m unable to return there for the foreseeable future (unless someone wants to take me there as their personal photographer), i trawled though my photos from that visit, and decided to develop this one in Photoshop of the sun setting over the Staten Island Ferry.


Birmingham University

Living in the shadow of Birmingham University; I have always been fascinated with the clock tower colloquially as “Big Joe” or “Old Joe” after Joseph Chamberlain, one time lord Mayor of Birmingham and the first Chancellor of the University. It’s a clock tower i’ve photographed so many times, but I was particularly happy with this edit making it look like a night time shoot, when in fact it was taken at 5pm.