Wildlife Heron

There is something bordering on the tranquil, when you stalk any animal or bird waiting for the right moment to press the shutter on your camera. Luckily I managed to get this heron just as he caught a fish.



Birmingham University

Living in the shadow of Birmingham University; I have always been fascinated with the clock tower colloquially as “Big Joe” or “Old Joe” after Joseph Chamberlain, one time lord Mayor of Birmingham and the first Chancellor of the University. It’s a clock tower i’ve photographed so many times, but I was particularly happy with this edit making it look like a night time shoot, when in fact it was taken at 5pm.

War Photography.

I’ve just been watching a BBC TV Documentary on noted War photographer Don McCullin, whom for many years seemed to cover every war on the planet, showing unbiased realism especially how it’s always the lowest in society who suffer most. 

If you have BBC iPlayer where you are, it’s well worth watching; and makes me glad I have no ambitions to cover or specialise in, conflict photography.