During my free time lately I have been lurking around the University of Birmingham; with is mixture of Red Brick Victorian building to very modern 21st Century building, in-between you have the Brutalist 1960’s architecture of Muirhead Tower, a 16 story building standing like a sentinel over the campus.



Why do photographers obsess over an image?

I have my obsession: Two years ago I shoot a portrait with my friend Porscha and I can not get it out of my head; I have now edited it over 20 times, and time and again I look to make it just that little more perfect, and always I am thinking “How can I make this better?”, I still I want to make it better.



While out an about trying to capture some more awesome public transport images for my Boss; I passed though New Street station in Birmingham. I’ve shoot in this station many times since the redevelopment; and just happened to look behind me as i stepped of the escalator.


Long exposure

I don’t often do long exposures as i’m not over fond of dragging a tripod around with me, but on a recent visit to the Library of Birmingham (to escape the rain) I headed to the Shakespeare room and set my camera down on the side.

While I have shot Ghosts using two images and combining them in Photoshop, I used a 15 second exposure for this Ghost Selfie.


Fetish Photography

My boudoir shoot with Hannah this week offered me the chance to also experiment a little to do some fetish style photography. While there is a wonderful playful innocence to this beautiful young lady, she is brilliant at switching to something darker and more exciting in the way she can play to a camera lens.

With just a simple under-bust satin corset, collar & cuffs, and a riding crop, we managed a brilliant set of images for her website.