So yesterday I had a bit of a journey; up at 7am on a Sunday morning to jump on a train from the Midlands all the way to Portsmouth to do a shoot at a fantastic Dungeon with three Dominatrices and one Slave. One of the Doms I’ve worked with many times before, but it’s always fun meeting new people and shooting content for their websites (especially when they are really photogenic). Then after four hours shooting jumping on the train back to Birmingham to start edit the images.

Implied Nudity

Shooting in Wolverhampton on Sunday with a beautiful model, we did five sets in 4 hours leading up to implied nudity. The model’s name is Phoenix (I guess due to her fiery red hair)  & as you can probably tell is a full time fetish model who is used to being in front of the camera lens. I really hope I get the chance to work with this beautiful lass once more as this is the second time I have shoot with her now.


In the bedroom again.

I was very lucky at the weekend to photograph a beautiful lady. After doing my first Boudoir shoot back in October, it would seem now I’ve done my third I quite enjoy it.
The only gratification I get from it is nothing sexual or erotic, as some of the positions I put my self to get a shot are rather uncomfortable & undignified, but rather from the gratification of a job well done.

wpid-wp-1424157156566.jpeg wpid-wp-1424157139073.jpeg



Photography is always about firsts. The first time you try wildlife, the first sunset you capture; well I had my first Boudoir shoot this weekend with a friend of mine, and while most of the images are not suitable for a public forum like this, I thought I’d share one that is.
Weather I do this type of photography again I don’t know, but Pixxie (my model) said I was a natural, & not too demanding.