Implied Nudity

Shooting in Wolverhampton on Sunday with a beautiful model, we did five sets in 4 hours leading up to implied nudity. The model’s name is Phoenix (I guess due to her fiery red hair)  & as you can probably tell is a full time fetish model who is used to being in front of the camera lens. I really hope I get the chance to work with this beautiful lass once more as this is the second time I have shoot with her now.


Photo Shoot.

On Sunday I attended a TFP (Trade for Picture) photo shoot for Models and Photographers from the Black Country region of the Midlands, and below are a selection of edited images.


Mature Boudoir

Earlier this week I travelled over to Cambridge to meet up with a friend. We shoot last year when she came to Birmingham and did some photos of her dressed to the nines in glamorous evening wear & long satin gloves, and also did a section of the shoot with her on her motorbike.

Well this time she asked if we could do some boudoir images and I jumped at the chance not just because I like seeing ladies in beautiful lingerie (after all, what man doesn’t), but because it was also my first time shooting Boudoir with a beautiful older lady.


Not all of our time was spent inside we also did a fair amount of shooting both around Cambridge itself and in the countryside near by.


I sincerely hope I get to shoot with this awesome & beautiful lady again.

Stunning Beauty

At the weekend I was invited to photograph a Fetish Party in Manchester, and while all of the people in attendance wore some stunning outfits, one lady in particular seemed to love the lime light. Needless to say I have some really stunning images of Princess Aurora from that day, and hope I’m lucky enough to shoot with her in the future.


In the next few weeks.

Having done plenty of Public Transport photography recently for my employer, I’ve luckily arranged to shoot with three ladies whom I love and adore working with over the next few weeks.

Having done mostly Boudoir with them, this time we’ll hopefully be doing something a bit more Geeky (but maybe with a sexy twist), or even just some more fantastic bedroom work.

Fetish Photography

Sometimes the best images are not always the full body shot or standard portrait, but body parts when it comes to Fetish and Erotic photography. Using my love of selective colour to bring out the red of the gloves and the seams of her stockings, i’ve also relied heavily on the Luminance sliders in the Camera RAW filter in Photoshop CC to take out as much digital noise as possible.

1_DSC_3833I really like the finished image and think it will be one I’ll have to get a hard copy of for my Portfolio folder.

Last week i complained…

Last week I complained that I was frustrated in trying to find people to shoot.

It never rains but it pours.

My friend Helen who I’ve worked with before (a boudoir shoot in Feb and the dungeon shoot in April) called me up and said as she was back in the city, And did I want to get my camera out. Well, how can I say no to such an awesome and beautiful lady?

1_DSC_4002 Having spent 5 hours over 2 days with her, I’m now working my way though over 600 images, trying various techniques and styles, to see how best to get some awesome images for my site and for hers.