During my free time lately I have been lurking around the University of Birmingham; with is mixture of Red Brick Victorian building to very modern 21st Century building, in-between you have the Brutalist 1960’s architecture of Muirhead Tower, a 16 story building standing like a sentinel over the campus.




While out an about trying to capture some more awesome public transport images for my Boss; I passed though New Street station in Birmingham. I’ve shoot in this station many times since the redevelopment; and just happened to look behind me as i stepped of the escalator.



At the heart of the Second City of the UK is a fabulous canal system, once left to decay as an old an unsanitary open wound in the heart of the city, now a source of pride with bars, restaurants, and a myriad of meeting places; it’s not often I shoot down here, but maybe I need to change that.



OK, I’m not one for photo-trickery (unless I can manipulate the image “in camera” like the photographic practitioners of old; but I attended a Cosplay Photo-shoot this week and one image I captured almost screamed out for the Photoshop treatment.

So with this image of Catwomen, I found a lovely image of Gotham City to add her too, once I had blanked out the background.

Long exposure

I don’t often do long exposures as i’m not over fond of dragging a tripod around with me, but on a recent visit to the Library of Birmingham (to escape the rain) I headed to the Shakespeare room and set my camera down on the side.

While I have shot Ghosts using two images and combining them in Photoshop, I used a 15 second exposure for this Ghost Selfie.


New England in the Fall, and Autumnal Colours.

Sorry for not updating for some time, I’m currently in the USofA shooting some new content in New England in and around the Boston Area.

Last Monday I was able to meet up with a friend of mine who i’d been talking to on the internet for some time; getting the train out from Boston to see her, we went for a walk in a local park to see the trees displaying their autumnal colours. And being a beautiful lady, I managed to get her in front of my camera for a little impromptu shoot.



While these are only rough edits (I don’t have full Lightroom or Photoshop with me as I’m travelling light), I love these early edits using only Lightroom for Android on my table; and am looking forwards to editing them properly.

And while the colours of New England in the Fall are spectacular, they’re even more spectacular when viewed with a beautiful lady.