Mature Boudoir

Earlier this week I travelled over to Cambridge to meet up with a friend. We shoot last year when she came to Birmingham and did some photos of her dressed to the nines in glamorous evening wear & long satin gloves, and also did a section of the shoot with her on her motorbike.

Well this time she asked if we could do some boudoir images and I jumped at the chance not just because I like seeing ladies in beautiful lingerie (after all, what man doesn’t), but because it was also my first time shooting Boudoir with a beautiful older lady.


Not all of our time was spent inside we also did a fair amount of shooting both around Cambridge itself and in the countryside near by.


I sincerely hope I get to shoot with this awesome & beautiful lady again.


During my free time lately I have been lurking around the University of Birmingham; with is mixture of Red Brick Victorian building to very modern 21st Century building, in-between you have the Brutalist 1960’s architecture of Muirhead Tower, a 16 story building standing like a sentinel over the campus.


24-70mm f/2.8

Last week I finally took delivery of a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. One of the best fastest professional lenses in the Nikkor series, with 20 elements in 16 groups (including 2 ED glass, 1 aspherical ED glass, 3 aspherical lens and 1 HRI lens elements; lens elements with Nano Crystal Coat and fluorine coat) And I’m not geeky enough to understand all that!

I got it because basically it’s a great all round fast lens, in the focal lengths I mostly use for both work and my own little side projects, and although being a 24-70mm and overlaps with my workhorse of a 16-35mm f/4 lens, and 50mm f/1.8 lens; I can see plenty of use for both lenses in my arsenal of Glass.

While I know a lot of photographers hate it when people say, “if I had a camera as good as yours I could take good pictures too”, we can not deny that good glass on the front of our camera is a benefit to our art.


I want to ride my bicycle…

I’ve had a lovely week shooting a Cycling campaign for work, in an effort to try and get more people out of their cars and onto two wheels. With several colleagues we descended on a local park to get a myriad of requested shots, and a Marketing Executive keeping me on my toes and ticking off all the various long shots and close ups she needs.




While out an about trying to capture some more awesome public transport images for my Boss; I passed though New Street station in Birmingham. I’ve shoot in this station many times since the redevelopment; and just happened to look behind me as i stepped of the escalator.



At the heart of the Second City of the UK is a fabulous canal system, once left to decay as an old an unsanitary open wound in the heart of the city, now a source of pride with bars, restaurants, and a myriad of meeting places; it’s not often I shoot down here, but maybe I need to change that.


Stunning Beauty

At the weekend I was invited to photograph a Fetish Party in Manchester, and while all of the people in attendance wore some stunning outfits, one lady in particular seemed to love the lime light. Needless to say I have some really stunning images of Princess Aurora from that day, and hope I’m lucky enough to shoot with her in the future.