Hazy Summer Days…



Street Photography

Street Photography

People have complained, that all my street portraits seem to be of beautiful young ladies; well, this one isn’t, in fact he’s a fellow practitioner of the photographic art, as an awesome Landscape Photographer, & one of my ex-tutors.
I would even recommend checking out his work at http://www.alexdrozd.com



I admit it that my Photoshop skills while are competent at editing classical images, are somewhat amateurish when it comes to major adaptations of image.

An artist friend suggested I try to develop this image, when I said I didn’t know how to lower the arch enough to bring out the best in the image, he encouraged me to just try; So I did my usual edits to enhance the image, mainly using the Shadow & Highlight sliders, I then carefully tried to bring the arch down.

The finished image isn’t perfect, as there are areas where the mortar in the brickwork doesn’t quite line up; but after just four hours work in photoshop, I’m actually quite pleased. I’m now just waiting the detailed critique from my friend.

More miles of canals than Venice.

More miles of canals than Venice.

Everyone who lives in Birmingham seems to be sick of the phrase “More miles of canals than Venice” as a description of this city; but how many people who live here have ever actually walked along them; I know not the answer.
But I love walking the towpaths at different times of the year and seeing the seasons change.